Freda with her 'Swedish' trolley

Freda’s Fall

Developed and led by Allied Health Solutions, Freda’s Fall is the story of an elderly lady who has a fall at home and is admitted to hospital and subsequently released, with support from a variety of health professionals. Started in 2015, it was funded by Health Education England and involved a film crew, drama students, and a professional actress, Su Elliot, who has worked with, among others, Mike Leigh. Subject Matter Experts were some of the best in their respective professions and you can see who they were in the end credits of each module.

Learning Outcomes for Freda’s Fall E-Learning

  1. Describe the risk factors associated with falls.
  2. Describe the different assessment tools that can be used to predict and support the management of people who have had a fall.
  3. Describe how to recognise those at risk of falls.
  4. Describe the interventions and support that can be offered to a patient who has fallen.
  5. Describe the roles of different healthcare professionals in the prevention and management of falls.
  6. Describe outcome measures used for falls.
  7. Identify ways to promote self-management in those with a history falls.
  8. Critically appraise your approach and management of falls.
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