The Opening ‘Lock’ Screen

When you turn your computer or device on, Windows 10 loads and you will be shown your lock screen (see the screengrab below).

Windows 10 lock screen
Windows 10 Lock Screen

This screen can be customised – it shows a background picture, current date and time, battery life, and other information.  (If you want to change the picture and settings, refer to Module 4; Customising Windows 10.  Go to Settings, Personalisation, Lock Screen, to customise the Lock screen).

To open the lock screen on a touchscreen device:

  • Swipe the screen up with your finger

To open the lock screen:

  • Click your mouse or press any key

Once you have clicked on the Lock screen you will be then be shown the following login screen (see screengrab below). This feature ensures that no unauthorised users can access your system. Here you enter your password to access the system. If Windows ‘Hello’ has been set up on your machine, you may be required to log in using a fingerprint, PIN number, retina scan, or some other method.  Once you have entered your password you are now shown the Start screen, explained in the next topic.

Windows 10 Login Screen
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