PivotTables: From Slicers to Dashboards

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Excel PivotTables have been around for a while, but it’s only recently that the full power of PivotTables has been realised. Using PivotTables you can quickly and effortlessly extract and analyse your data in Excel. They are also interactive; you can filter data using ‘Slicers’ and ‘Timelines’, and from this data you can also create interactive ‘PivotCharts’.

Ultimately, you can create a Dashboard, which is a single ‘interactive’ worksheet that contains all your key information as a visual summary, ‘at a glance’.

You can use this course as a reference, dipping into particular topics you’re interested in, or, if you’d like a printed course certificate, you’ll need to complete all the lessons and assessments. To do this, you’ll need to remember to select each “Mark Complete” button, which will become active only once you have viewed a video to the end, completed an interactive activity, or passed an assessment. Your certificate will become available to print once you have completed all the assessments with a pass mark of 80% or more.

A headset or earphones are ideal for watching the videos, or English subtitles are also available (select the ‘cc’ button on each video). The assessments and knowledge checks however, do not contain sound.

Each lesson in the course has downloadable instructions (.pdf format) and excel data (.xlsx format) for you to practise in your own time (these are optional and are not scored). Simply select the ‘materials’ tab and download the files using the two links.

Please do bear in mind that software simulations will be much slower than using Excel itself, and you may have to wait several seconds for a click to trigger a change in the screen.

Enjoy the course, and please let us have any questions, comments, criticisms, or corrections using the contact form.

Disclaimer – although we have made every effort to ensure that the methods and techniques shown are Best Practice, we accept no liability for any costs that may be incurred as a result of incorrect use of Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Office is now continuously updated by Microsoft, with new features appearing at any time, sometimes unannounced; we shall endeavour to keep the course up to date, but you may find that some features have changed or are not yet covered on the course.

(Optional) If you’d like to check your existing PivotTable skills, try the following knowledge check, which reflects the content of the first two topics.

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